Eyebrow Fix Gel


Need more definition or have no brows at all?

Start by using Eyebrow Fix Gel to apply hair like strokes.

How to Use:

The amount of product you need to apply will vary based on your unique brow needs. To prevent depositing too much color on the first application, lightly press the wand on the inner corners of the tube to remove excess product. Then, use a gentle touch to sweep the brush through your brows to fill, shape and set.


  • Tinted volumizing eyebrow gel gives you visibly fuller eyebrows for up to 16 hours of wear.
  • Waterproof eyebrow gel infused with brow-loving biotin, green tea, lecithin and hair-like fibers.
  • Innovative wand makes application easy with its micro-flocked tip to fill in sparse areas and molded bristles to tint, shape and set.