Hybrid Brows Course Hybrid Brows Course

Hybrid Brows Course


This technique will teach you how to bring the benefits to your clients from both worlds (microblading + shading), giving them a pencil look. soft shading eyebrows and on the other hand, individual hair-like strokes that imitate the natural hair of the eyebrow.

The beauty of shading is that it is combined with microblading to achieve a realistic look. This course is designed so that step by step you can easily learn the hybrid brows technique and about:

- Skin

-Skin types

-Skin layers and pigment insertion.

-How to avoid working too deep in

the skin.

-How to work under most

hygiene standards.

-Color combination for your clients.

-Color correction

-Proper use of tools, machines and


-Filling microcuts with pigment.

-Types of shading and when to use them

-Step by step and practice in latex

-Shape of your client's eyebrows

-How to calculate correct symmetry

-How to prepare your client

- Work on a live model together with the master.

- Aftercare and healing process, and more

Includes one day in person, help with your license application, 3 months of follow-up with tasks and the work kit which includes the machine and pigments.


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