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Electric Lifting & Clarifying Machine, Handheld Radio Frequency Electroporation Machine for Facial Skin Tightening Skin Care Device for Anti-aging, Lifting, Acne, Lightening and Regeneration.

Rechargeable Time: About 3.5 hours.
Standby time: About 20 Days
Working time: 10 minutes /Times
Rechargable Li-Battery
Material: ABS
Battery: Rechargable Li-Battery (USB)
Output: 100-240V
Charging power: 2.5 W
Using Power: MAX 10W
Battery capacity: 750mAh
Red light
Wavelength: 620nm (±10nm). Can effectively dilute the dark circles and bags under the eyes.
Green light
Wavelength: 520nm (±10nm). Restrain excessive melanin production, and make the skin more white.
Blue light
Wavelength: 620nm (±10nm). Anti-inflammatory calm shrink pores, apply to acne or greasy skin. Skin Type:All Skin Types
Yellow light
Wavelength: 590nm (±10nm). Carry bright color of skin, adapted to the spots and dark skin.
Pink light
Wavelength: 700nm (±10nm). Whitening the skin, suitable for skin darker skin.
Pink flashing light
Wavelength: 700nm (±10nm). Strengthen the infiltration of hairdressing fluid or gels.