Holiday Bar Kit Holiday Bar Kit

Holiday Bar Kit


One product must be chosen from each level. Product quantities are limited, so not all products are guaranteed if you delay placing your order.

 You must send your selection to 305.922.1460 and we will prepare your order.

LEVEL 1 - Cleanser / Exfoliator

DB Soothing Cleanser 180ml (Cleanser)

DB Lavender Air (Cleanser)

DB Luminosity Wash (Cleanser)

DB Papaya Scrub (Exfoliating)

Vita-B Scrub (Exfoliating)

LEVEL 2 - Peels

Clarifying Miracle Gel

Ultra Clarifier

Detox Pumpkin Mask

LEVEL 3 - Oxygen Mask

O2 DB Revitalizing

LEVEL 4 - Serums

Lipid Rain 30ml

Hyaluronic DB

Retin Miracle

Botox Advanced 15ml

C-Lilac System 15ml

LEVEL 4 - Moisturizers

Hawaiian Vita-C 180ml

Shiny Peel Moisturizer

Ocean Firming Renew

Ocean Moisture Creme

DB Benefits Advanced Travel

Night Cream Repair

Neck & Chest Firming