Microblading Masterclass Microblading Masterclass

Microblading Masterclass

$720.00 Precio habitual $1,200.00

Microblading is an ancient Japanese art that consists of the implantation of pigments by means of a manual inductor called Tebori, in which a small sheet with microneedles arranged in a row is induced, allowing the construction of ultra-fine and delicate hairs that are mixed with natural ones. Ideal for those who want to have a perfect eyebrow design.


This training in microblading is a specialization aimed at people with experience in the field of aesthetics or for those who wish to start in it. Microblading is performed on people who for some reason want to fill in or simply perfect their eyebrows. For example, people who due to health problems, stress problems or hormonal problems have suffered hair loss, large or small bald spots, or people who simply no longer have eyebrows and want to rebuild them. In the case of those who suffer from a lack of eyebrows, microblading will help them fill in the entire groove of the eyebrow, giving it a more crowded appearance. It is a highly demanded technique and the professional must be able to implement it without damaging the skin or the furrows of the client's eyebrows. Dermabless Academy offers all the conditions for the professional to develop and be trained to act fully and innovatively in the field of Microblading.



  • A high power machine
  • An inductor
  • An induction needle