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A huge dark specimen of sunfish perplexed biologists and fishermen in the Ceuta trap last week. He had fallen into the nets and before releasing him, they measured him, weighed him and extracted samples of his DNA: almost three meters from mouth to tail and 3.20 meters wide. They tried to weigh it, but the scale couldn't hold it because it only calculated up to 1,000 kilos, which the fish easily exceeded. This species is the heaviest bony fish on the planet and very few specimens have been found in Spain in the last decade, none of these dimensions, according to experts.

“It was very exceptional because it was around two tons. A specimen captured in Japan that measured 2.7 meters weighed 2.3 tons. It is a pelagic species that is difficult to study, but many are seen in the traps,” explains Enrique Ostalé, coordinator of the Strait Marine Biological Station of the University of Seville and based in Ceuta.

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