Jade Mini Ballerina Set

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Jade Mini Ballerina Necklace:

This jewel embodies the very essence of classical dance, capturing the beauty and lightness of a dancer. The first dancer dressed in aqua green recalls the freshness of the water and the purity of the movement. This necklace will add a touch of poetry and harmony to your outfit, whether for a special occasion or a professional event.

Necklace: gold plating, hand enameled.

Length: 38cm

Extension: 4 cm

Width: 2.6cm

Jade & Butterfly Ballerina Ring:

This adjustable ring features an elegant ballet dancer dressed in aqua green and a hand-enamelled butterfly. The butterfly symbolizes renewal and elegance, its body adorned with a brilliant white cut glass stone, which adds a subtle touch of shine to the jewel.

Adjustable ring: gold plating, hand enameled and cut glass.

Length: 2.5cm

Width: 2.5cm