Macarons Powder Set

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•Vintage Rosé Blush Powder

•Wild Apricot Blush Powder

•Candy Passion Blush Powder

•Caramel Macaron Bronzer

•Vanille Gold Glow Highlighter

After creating a complete medical line for skin care and treatment of different facial problems, finally  dermabless launches a very select line of makeup

*without toxins harmful to the skin

*completely vegan

*not tested on animals

*with a high infusion of squalane (a highly refined plant lipid with a molecular structure very similar to that of skin lipids. Effective in protecting the skin barrier and retaining hydration.

*With Polyethylene, which helps the skin retain water and not dehydrate

*With Cyclomethicone

Cyclomethicone was created in the early 1980s to give skin care products a smoother texture that allows them to glide on easily, without entering pores or sticking to skin cells .