Skin Vitamin Kit

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A complete regimen for healthy and youthful skin in under two weeks.


Satin Essence Cleanser 180ml: Hydrating gentle gel cleanser with red and brown algae extracts, chamomile and ginger root.

Beauty B Scrub 50ml: Dual action exfoliant with niacinamice and panthenol to restore firmness and vitality to the skin.

Hawaiian Vita-C 180ml: Firming and brightening aromatherapeutic toning mist with vitamin C.

Satin Essence 30ml: Protective antioxidant replenishing serum with bioidentical glycolipids, vitamins E and F and Lipochroman®.


Strawberry Rose Mask 50ml: hydrating rose gel mask with peptides and marine algae, clinically proven to visibly improve skin elasticity.